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Motivation for Hooky

I’m still a little surprised that Hooky is the first of my stories that I’m publishing, primarily because it ended up being lighter on the erotica side of things. But also, the story ended up taking on a different focus once it started developing on my screen. I had intended to focus on a young woman on the beach who was boldly engaging in foreplay with multiple guys at once, but instead found it more compelling to follow the story of a different young woman who watched from a distance.

The entire idea of having a woman fooling around with two guys on the beach came from a brief encounter I had that occurred at least a decade earlier. I was walking around one of the lakes with my boyfriend (now husband) near where I used to live. Walking past me from the opposite direction was a woman that I would guess was a few years younger than me, but probably about 19 or 20 years old.

We made eye contact almost as soon as she came around a corner and was no longer blocked from my sight by bushes that lined the walking trail. Immediately, I noticed that she was wearing a very small bikini. Her boobs were spilling out of her top and her bottoms were small enough to be at least borderline scandalous for a family-friendly beach for that area and in that time period.

But the size of her bikini wasn’t what was eye-catching. What was eye catching was that she had a guy on either side of her and one more following behind. All three guys were grabbing her ass as she laughed and half-heartedly swatted at their hands. Her bottoms had been pulled down and twisted a little bit and as we made eye contact, she hastily started adjusting her bikini. They all tried to pretend that they hadn’t been doing anything, but a guilty little smile from her let me know that she knew they had been caught. My boyfriend and I apparently looked entirely non-threatening to them and by the time we crossed paths, she had slid her fingers inside of the waistband of the two guys walking beside her.

My boyfriend and I had already started exploring having me be with other guys by that point, but I was really enamored with the way she shamelessly was fooling around with three guys in public, even if it was all pretty PG at that point. I turned to watch the foursome carry on down the path and saw the three guys continue playing grab-ass with her.

So, with that memory in hand, I sat down and started writing about that isolated incident. However, when I started sketching out the storyline, I found that I didn’t want to make it just a “quick and dirty” story. I felt there was a little more to it than that and that focusing on a woman experiencing the thrill of attention from more than one guy at once or the thrill of fooling around in public was something that has been told many times already.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this first chapter. I expect that this character’s story hasn’t been finished yet.

Hooky is available for pre-order on Amazon here and will be released on May 6, 2020. A print version of the book will also be available at that time as well. The print version is also available for pre-order on Barnes & Noble here.

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By aliciastillsauthor

I am a romance and erotica writer and have been publishing my works since May 2020. I'm married with children and work a full-time job, but fill my free time with writing and exploring fantasies with my husband.

Of particular interest to me are genres involving female empowerment, swinging, wife sharing, hotwife and slutwife relationships, MFM threesomes and other group sex, and polyamory. After growing up in an environment that treated all sex as being taboo and immoral, being able to write about and explore various scenarios where one woman is involved with multiple men at once has helped her continue her own journey of self-discovery.

Most of my stories are purely of my own imagination, although many have some degree of inspiration from my own experiences.

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