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Does Unavailability = Greater Desire?

Or, more simply put, does the old adage of “you want what you can’t have” hold true for porn and fantasy purposes?

Obviously, everyone is different, but I’m not really sure what tends to be more common. When I was still in grad school, I heard from several guys that they never understood the appeal of cheerleaders while they were in high school or college, but now that they were older, cheerleaders were inherently sexy. Now that they were never around them and had no real access to them, cheerleaders went from being seen as a stupid fantasy to being very desirable.

I’ve heard similar things with MILF and cougar fantasies. MILF fantasies were much more popular for guys when they were young, but not so much once they entered the same age brackets as the MILFS. And cougar fantasies didn’t pick up for women until they were old enough to be cougars on the prowl for early twenty-somethings.

And, would states that tend to be religious/socially conservative stop being towards the top of porn consumption if porn were seen as more acceptable instead of being vilified?

It all just made me wonder if the idea of wanting what you can’t have applied more broadly as well. For me, it tends not to be the case. As far as what I’m attracted to and like to fantasize about, it’s generally stayed consistent. And age-wise, when I was much younger, the idea of being attracted to a man in his mid-thirties or older was laughable. But my preferences have evolved along with me so that my own age group is the age group I prefer; the idea of being attracted to a twenty-year-old no longer fits.

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By aliciastillsauthor

I am a romance and erotica writer and have been publishing my works since May 2020. I'm married with children and work a full-time job, but fill my free time with writing and exploring fantasies with my husband.

Of particular interest to me are genres involving female empowerment, swinging, wife sharing, hotwife and slutwife relationships, MFM threesomes and other group sex, and polyamory. After growing up in an environment that treated all sex as being taboo and immoral, being able to write about and explore various scenarios where one woman is involved with multiple men at once has helped her continue her own journey of self-discovery.

Most of my stories are purely of my own imagination, although many have some degree of inspiration from my own experiences.

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