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Rules of Swinging

What kind of rules should be in place when you start to swing as a couple?

The short answer is that there is no set of rules that applies universally. Each couple needs to have an ongoing open and honest conversation and respect each other’s wishes.

What kind of rules should be in place you start to swing?

I see this question a lot when couples are looking at starting to open up their relationship and bring others into the bedroom with them. And boy, wouldn’t it make things simple if there was just an easy, ready-to-go set of rules that applied equally well to every couple?

But the reality is that the set of rules is going to be different for each couple and will depend on what they’re comfortable with or what their particular interests are. It’s a personal question that only those in the couple are going to be able to answer for themselves.

And you absolutely, 100% have to give full effect to what your partner wants. Even if you have prior swinging experience and know what worked for you in an earlier relationship, a different partner means it’s a whole new ball game. Things might have changed for you, too, now that you’re older and are in a different point of your life. What you wanted/did want five years ago may not be the same now.

Ultimately, you both will need to figure out what you want to get out of the experience and what’s off-limits. Will you bring in men/women/couples and will you both play or will one watch/wait at home? Are you looking just for sex with other people, or are you going to start thinking about toeing that line with poly? You also need to agree on where to find a partner, how frequently you would want to swing, safety precautions, and anything else either of you are concerned about.

Basically, the rules can be and should be whatever you both agree to, don’t do anything that isn’t okay with your partner, and make sure you are always clearly communicating with one another. The more you talk about what you want to do/don’t want to do beforehand, the better you’ll understand each other going in. And that conversation should be ongoing. Feelings can change and each you can learn more about what you like or dislike.

For most people, it’s nothing like porn. A husband doesn’t just come home and find his wife having sex with a stranger, shrug his shoulders, and promptly get naked and DP her. And a wife doesn’t listen to her husband perv on the kid’s babysitter and go “Oh, that’s so cute! I’m going to sit on her face while he plows her!”

But anyway.

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Strictly Business: Tormenting Tom. Previews and any additional links can be found here: All My Works

By aliciastillsauthor

I am a romance and erotica writer and have been publishing my works since May 2020. I'm married with children and work a full-time job, but fill my free time with writing and exploring fantasies with my husband.

Of particular interest to me are genres involving female empowerment, swinging, wife sharing, hotwife and slutwife relationships, MFM threesomes and other group sex, and polyamory. After growing up in an environment that treated all sex as being taboo and immoral, being able to write about and explore various scenarios where one woman is involved with multiple men at once has helped her continue her own journey of self-discovery.

Most of my stories are purely of my own imagination, although many have some degree of inspiration from my own experiences.

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