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On His Orders: Faithfully Unfaithful now available!

It was technically available last Friday if you wanted to order the paperback. But the pre-order period is now complete and you can read the full e-book starting today!

On His Orders can be purchased on Amazon. The paperback can also be purchased on Amazon or on Barnes & Noble.

Personally, I prefer physical books over e-books. It obviously costs a little bit more, but still. It just feels better to read from an actual book. Plus, I’m very proud of the work I did in putting the physical book together, even if the author’s commission is less for the paperback. I’m happy with Hooky, too, but I learned a lot and I think I put together a better looking product with On His Orders

Happy Weekend!


Preview: On His Orders

A preview for my second publication, On His Orders: Faithfully Unfaithful, is below.It is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Come over after class today.” His text was the first thing I saw when I woke up that morning. “I promised I’d deliver. I have your first duty as a slutwife.


“Are you ready for your first instruction?” he asked me.

It finally felt completely real. My heart raced, beating as though it were up in my throat once more. I knew I was nervous, but I was more excited than anything. It was an absolute dream to have a sexy boyfriend who wanted his hobby to be finding me sexy men to fuck in front of him. I licked my lips to respond but found words to be elusive and merely nodded my head instead.

“Good,” he said. “Get naked.” 

I paused briefly and my heart seemed to beat even harder. I’m not a natural exhibitionist and no guy had ever seen me naked before seeing me with clothes on. “Seriously?” I asked.

“Yes. And quickly!” He managed to both scowl and smirk at the same time at my disobedience.

“Are you sure you’re into this? If you’re going to do what you’re told, you don’t have much time,” he told me after watching my initial hesitation.

knew I was into this and wanted to do it right. Without thinking any more, I peeled my tank top over my head and unhooked my bra. I slid both my sweatpants and panties off at the same time in one swift motion, completing the transition from fully clothed to completely naked in less than ten seconds. I had been naked in his living room many times, but as I waited for the arrival of a complete stranger, I had never felt so exposed. 

“Good girl. You do want that second dick,” he said. 

He was right. I hadn’t fucked another guy since meeting my boyfriend five months ago and I had been going stir-crazy over it for several weeks already.

“We’re going to stay in the living room today. Put your clothes in your backpack and then put your backpack in the bedroom closet. Close all the doors on your way back – I want you as far away from your clothes as possible.”

I didn’t hesitate this time and it felt astonishingly freeing. I hurriedly stuffed my clothes tightly into my bag and zipped it shut before bringing it down the hall and into his bedroom. The closet door was waiting open for me and I wasted no time in shutting my bag inside. I shut his bedroom door behind me and got back to the living room as quickly as I could. I practically ran on my way to and back from his bedroom, his earlier admonishment that I didn’t have much time ringing in my ears the entire way. 

I stood next to my boyfriend and eagerly waited in silence. We were both so still and quiet that I imagined I could hear my heartbeat, the sound of its rhythmic pounding punctuated over the sound of my nervous breathing. But it only took a few seconds before I heard a light knocking at the front door. I didn’t even see my boyfriend buzz our guest into the building. 

The sound of Josh’s knuckles connecting with the only thing separating my naked body from the eyes and hands of a complete stranger echoed around in my head as if it were trapped there, increasing in volume and intensity every time it seemed to rattle back through the silence of my thoughts. His knocking was my first concrete indication that Josh was real. Until then, becoming a slutwife was little more than a fun fantasy.

I looked to my boyfriend, who merely nodded in my direction before looking towards the door. He didn’t speak, but we both knew what I was expected to do.

My heart was still beating as hard as ever, though now it was due at least as much to nerves as to excitement. I walked very carefully to the front door, stepping lightly as though afraid to make any noise. The room felt like it was beginning to spin, and I moved slowly, like I was trying to walk under water. When I finally reached the front door, I paused and took a deep breath, knowing that fantasy would be replaced by reality the second I opened the door. 

As I reached for the handle, my boyfriend’s voice called out, quietly giving me one further instruction. 

“Pull the door all the way open. Don’t just open it up a crack.”

I looked down at my naked body, in awe of what I was about to do. I had woken up that day thinking it was going to be a regular day just like any other. It was astounding how quickly things had changed. 

I knew I couldn’t wait for long before opening the door, though. If I did, I was afraid I would lose my nerve entirely. Taking one more quick, deep breath, I steadied myself and turned the door handle before pulling the door all the way open.

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Which Book Cover Do You Prefer?

Just ahead of the release of my first work, Hooky (available at Amazon here and Barnes & Noble here), I’m getting ready to publish my next one. On His Orders trends decidedly more towards erotica than Hooky did and is in the slutwife/hotwife category.

To that end, I would love to get some feedback from others on the potential book covers I put together. Full pictures are posted below and a poll is at the bottom of the post.

Option #1
Option #2
Option #3
Option #4
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How Do You Cuckold?

In cuckolding situations where a guy is watching his wife or girlfriend with another guy(s) – who do you prefer he submits to? Or do you even prefer that he’s submissive at all?

Not that porn is exactly a perfect model of reality, but porn always seems to portray cuckolding as though the guy is a weak, pathetic excuse of a man that can’t hang with the bulls. Invariably, he submits to the bull, who is portrayed in a position of being the most dominant one involved, even more than the woman. The woman is usually portrayed as being submissive herself, “giving herself” to a “real” man who can use her however he wants. She might join the bull in verbally abusing the cuckold, but the bull usually is the one who leads.

Everyone can swing their own way, but personally, I think the reality of cuckolding and hotwifing is usually much different. The power dynamic is more-often-than-not one where the woman is in control and calling the shots. The bull is there to do what the couple wants him to do and has the least control over the situation.

This is my own personal preference – both for real life MFMs and porn. I like it when the woman is in charge and is calling the shots over both of the guys or over one while the other just sits back and watches before taking his turn. In my experience, even when a guy gets off on being humiliated, they usually want to be humiliated by the woman – not the other guys.

After situations where the woman is the dominant one, I think it’s more common for the “cuck” to actually be in control. The woman is fucking the other guys at his direction and how he wants it. He’s orchestrating his own “humiliation” at her hands, but it’s really more of a slutwife kind of deal. Of course, there are situations where the extra guy is dominant, either over the woman and in conjunction with the significant other or over both of them. Situations where a couple brings in a guy to humiliate the significant other happen, too, but are just less common.

There are all sorts of variations and there’s no wrong answer as far as what’s preferred and there’s no wrong way to do it as long as everyone is on the same page. It just has always seemed to me that – more than with most genres – this is one area where porn has raced out to an extreme that flips the actual dynamics.

Also, shameless plug for my book, available for pre-order on Amazon here.