Valentine’s Plans?

Fake holiday or not, I hope everyone gets laid today.

Seriously, I’m really not a fan of Valentine’s Day, which, I’ve been told makes me a little weird for a woman. But I do like the sex that always come with the day and I always focus on my husband with no second guy. I like having that certainty once in a while.

As soon as the kids were at school today, my husband and I decided we could both be a little late for work and took advantage of having the house to ourselves. The bus was barely around the corner by the time my pants and panties were lying in a pile on the floor and my husband had picked me up and set me on the kitchen counter. The morning was just for a quickie, though, and I didn’t let him go down on me for long before we stripped naked and moved to the living room. He took me from behind as I draped myself over the couch, cumming in me shortly after I orgasmed.

We both rushed out to work so quickly that I’ve considered removing my panties. His creampie slowly dripped out of me on my drive to work that I’ve been sitting in the wet spot all morning.

Anyway, more is planned for tonight. The kids are spending the night at the grandparents’ house and I’m planning on surprising him by being home well before him, waiting with a pan of scotcheroos (his favorite) while wearing my favorite lingerie and a new gem butt plug. The lingerie is a dark purple corset that leaves most of my stomach exposed with matching g-string and black garter belt and stockings. Tedious to put on, but well-worth it. Oh, and the butt plug is one he hasn’t seen yet. It has a light pink, heart-shaped gem that stays completely hidden until I bend over.

Happy humping out there, everyone!

General Swinging

Throuples Making Headway Into Mainstream?


So it looks like HGTV broke some new ground by featuring a throuple on one of its most recent episodes of House Hunters. If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s a reference to a polyamorous trio. Instead of being two people involved in a committed relationship with one another, it’s three people in a committed relationship.

I think that throuples are not only getting more common, but individuals who are a part of a throuple are becoming more open about their relationship to outsiders. There is still a lot of judgment from much of the public, but there seems to be a greater range of acceptance for this lifestyle as well – I can’t imagine something like this being featured on a show as mainstream as House Hunters even as recently as ten years ago. People are slowly coming around to the idea that not everyone is cut out for or interested in a simple 1-to-1 monogamous relationship.

I say, “Good for them!” Both to HGTV for having the openness to feature this type of relationship and treat them like the normal people that they are, but also good for these three for being willing to have their relationship choices broadcast on national TV. While a lot of people will support them, there will certainly be a large (and sometimes vocal and vicious) group of people passing judgment on all three.

But seeing this also has me wondering if HGTV would have been willing to feature a throuple that involved two men and one woman? Like with threesomes, trios involving two women and one man seem to have gained broader acceptance, whereas there is a much greater stigma for trios composed of two men and one woman. Even as alternative lifestyles are gaining in popularity, something about two men with one woman still seems to be perceived as “more perverted” and less acceptable than two women with one man. There are precious few people who know that I not only can sleep with other men, but that my husband cheers me on when I do. The ones who do know weren’t openly accepting, either, even the ones who previously bragged about their FFM threesomes from their past.

Or maybe this was just the first good episode involving a throuple that came along. Who knows. Either way, I love that this episode happened. For more, check out HGTV for episode details.

Erotica General

Boudoir for Men?

Before our wedding, I went to a photographer and shot a boudoir session as a surprise present for my husband. I wanted to do something special that I knew he wasn’t expecting, and I felt I was looking better than ever in anticipation of our big day. Not surprisingly, he loved it. I loved it, too. I had stripped down for the camera before, but only for dirty shots taken by a guy in the course of screwing each other’s brains out.

This was different. The photographer (a male, btw) was very professional and helped me create an environment that was as artistic as it was erotic. Having the pictures taken was probably more sexually exciting for me than receiving the pictures was for my husband, and I know that he really enjoyed the surprise. I even did another boudoir session for him for one of our anniversaries. If I can say so myself, I looked better at 30 than I did at 24.

But that also got me thinking – why don’t more men take boudoir photos? A lot of women would enjoy it, but it really isn’t common at all. Maybe it’s just my impression, but guys don’t even think to do it, plus there’s this perception by both men and women that it would be weird. It also appears that most boudoir photographers I’ve come across don’t even accept male clients.

Anyway. As I wait for the tides to change in favor of boudoir session gender equality, here are some boudoir photos I wouldn’t mind seeing men try to recreate.


Super Bowl Pornography?

Sometimes, I just can’t.

Tons of news stations are reporting on this little tidbit of news of the weird where an Ohio man is threatening to sue the NFL, Pepsi, and whoever else he can think of for “pumping” what he feels constitutes pornography into the homes of football fans everywhere.

Why wouldn’t we expect an attention-seeking fanatical whatever-he-is to produce a publicity stunt where he gets bent out of shape over the halftime show? I mean, it seems that this is the type of world we live in now. Getting offended and threatening legal action is practically as American as the Superbowl.

Honestly, as soon as I saw the midriffs we were all expecting to see and J-Lo spinning on a pole, I knew the anti-porn folks would be up in arms and crying over the safety of our children. The sight of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez in concert is enough to make any “God-fearing” person “get sexually excited.” And we certainly wouldn’t want that. If there’s one danger to the world, it’s humans experiencing sexual excitement, particularly at the sight of popstars dancing while wearing more clothes than your average beachgoer.

Maybe we weren’t watching it as closely as we should have been, but my husband and I didn’t notice the “crotch shots” being complained of here. I kinda feel like I missed out now. We just thought it was a mildly entertaining and highly overrated halftime show, much like every year.

But, wow! If he thinks the halftime show constituted pornography, real porn would blow his mind.