Bridgerton, Masturbation, and the Portrayal of Female Pleasure

I came across this article about the show Bridgerton on Netflix and thought it was an interesting perspective.

The first thing I noticed was actually that the job of “Intimacy Director” is a real thing. I don’t know what you have to do to obtain that job, but I want in. I can absolutely direct more realistic scenarios in the bedroom. First of all, sex doesn’t just end in a loud yell from both people before they immediately roll over, sweaty and out of breath. And guys aren’t erect immediately upon the initiation of sex. Fifteen seconds after the wang makes an appearance and he’s still soft? That doesn’t mean sex is impossible.

But anyway, that was a tangent.

I haven’t seen the show, but I’ll have to check it out. The point of the above article was how the female masturbation scene was done in a realistic way, unlike how tv/movies have historically portrayed it. Namely, the woman wasn’t stripping completely naked and putting on a show for the enjoyment of the male viewers.

Which certainly is something different. Plus, the sex scenes were viewed through the lens of a woman. The scenes weren’t shot with a focus on displaying the female form, but on highlighting the female experience.

I have to admit, the explanation of how the portrayal of sex was unique wasn’t what I was expecting, but I found it informative all the same. I had been expecting an article about the acceptance of portrayals of women enjoying, or at least experimenting with, sex.

And (again, without seeing the show yet) it sounds like that could have been discussed as well. The article references American Pie, and even before I read past the headline, I was already thinking about American Pie and But I’m a Cheerleader. Both films came out in 1999, and while American Pie was far raunchier and had sex scenes and scenes of male masturbation, But I’m a Cheerleader was the one that nearly received an NC-17 rating.

It’s offense? There was a reference to a woman receiving oral sex and there was a scene where a fully-clothed woman masturbates.

Compare that to images of Jason Biggs‘ bare ass as he fucks a pie and get back to me on the rationale on that one.

Anyway, I’ll have to check out Bridgerton. If nothing else, I always enjoy seeing the evolution of the portrayals of sexuality. At least topical, fully-clothed masturbation now passes muster.

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My First Orgasm

Alright, I’m back to writing about the good stuff. I had to get a little bit off my chest in that last post, but removing myself from social media for a while is doing me some good.

I noticed the title for this post as a search term that brought someone to my blog recently. Frankly, it was something that I hadn’t thought of for a long time, and it really brought me back. I’ve had so many orgasms over the years, most of them uninteresting and forgettable, but I don’t think I could forget my first orgasm.

I had been touching myself for years by that point, but I had never had an orgasm. I don’t think I really had any idea about what an orgasm felt like or how I would go about trying to actually have one. I had merely been playing with myself because it felt good, nothing more.

Earlier in the week, there was a rumor at school about a girl in the year ahead of me. I was so sheltered at the time that I laughed it off. In my mind, it seemed so outlandish that it couldn’t possibly be true.

Until she started admitting that it was true. And bragging about its truthfulness and that she wanted to do it again. While the guys also told everyone it was true.

I didn’t particularly like the girl. Actually, to be perfectly honest, I really disliked her. I was next-door neighbors with her for a while when we were young and then lived just down the street from her until we went to college, but I always thought she was kind of a twat. But, being from a small town and living so close, we crossed paths quite a bit.

So I ended up listening to her talk brag one day about how she was hanging out with three guys, who we’ll call Nathan, Sean, and Ryan. She regularly hooked up with Nathan, who was two years older than her. Sean was one year younger, and Ryan was the same age.

She said she wanted to get laid, so she simply started making out with Nathan, thinking that Sean and Ryan would get the hint and leave. They didn’t and ten minutes of making out later, she took off her shirt. She said that her pants followed not too long after that, but all three guys stayed right where they were. When Nathan took off her bra, she knew they really had no intentions of leaving unless she and Nathan told them to.

Which she wasn’t about to do. Instead, she says she told them that if they were going to stay, they had to be naked, too. When they took off their clothes, she finished getting naked, too, before blowing all three at the same time. Sean and Ryan came in her mouth and stayed around to watch her have sex with Nathan.

I was so turned on at the thought of being in the middle of three guys, especially because I knew them and something I had previously thought only occurred in porn happened just down the street. I felt good when I pictured it happening. I felt different when I pictured it happening to me.

I had those thoughts fresh in my mind while in my basement, watching a show about the making of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. I can remember sticking my hand inside of my pants, almost mindlessly playing with myself simply because it felt good. I wasn’t masturbating to the women in the magazine, though. At least not really. I was masturbating while picturing myself as one of the women. I wanted to be the beautiful woman, nearly naked and surrounded by people on the beach who were intent on taking in my every move and every inch of my body. I wanted people to stare at me and make me feel exposed.

All the while, my mind kept bouncing back-and-forth between that and the scene involving Sean, Nathan, and Ryan. I could tell that it felt different than the other times I had touched myself. It felt better than it had before, my fingers were moving more quickly, and the feeling built inside of me in a way I wasn’t quite used to. I wasn’t even entirely sure what the feeling was until it just happened.

So, that’s how my first orgasm happened, aided heavily by some fantasy material.

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Sex Toy Review – Satisfyer Pro 2 – Next Generation

I’ll just start out with saying that this toy receives five out of five stars from me.

I’ve wanted to try this bad boy out for a long time, actually, but only purchased one after safer-at-home orders left my husband and I to try to get more creative with our couples/solo play. The reviews I had seen for this toy were almost universally exceptional and I had high hopes, even though I had never used a non-penetrative clit-stimulation toy by itself, though.

I’ll will admit, though, that I was not initially blown away with this one. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it felt a little bit weird when I first started using it and I wasn’t quite hitting the sweet spot. It has multiple speeds, but anything higher than the lowest setting right away doesn’t feel good for me. That was my initial mistake – it was some combination of being unpleasant and overly-intense.

However, once I played around with it, I was able to find a good placement and ramped up the speed. I wouldn’t say that it simulates oral sex like other reviewers have stated, but it did feel very good. I enjoy pairing clit stimulation with penetration, but I find that I don’t miss it all that much with this toy.

I’ve used it by myself, while my husband rimmed me, and while my husband took me from behind, all with great results. The toy itself is a little bulky, which limits the sex positions we can be in while using this toy, but there are still enough to choose from.

I don’t think I’ve used the toy at top speed yet, mainly because it is guaranteed to not only give me an orgasm, but to give me an orgasm quickly. My orgasms tend to be very strong with this toy, although they do also tend to be short-lived.

So overall, a very good toy and a nice change from my other toys. I have little egg-shaped clit vibrators, but this creates a different sensation while also still being non-penetrative.