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In Defense of Justin Timberlake

This is a little off topic in comparison to my normal posts, but it’s been all over the news, so I wanted to write a post about it.

I’m sure you’ve at least heard about the Britney Spears documentary on Hulu, Framing Britney Spears, if not watched it by now. Much of the discussion around it deals with Justin Timberlake and how many people feel like he is at least partially at fault for her current state. He mistreated her, owes her an apology, and is, in general, a misogynistic prick.

Let me just say, I’m underwhelmed by these attacks on Justin Timberlake. Personally, I don’t care for him at all. But let’s lay blame where blame belongs, and there’s plenty to go around. For my part, I’m blown away by that Diane Sawyer interview.

But Justin Timberlake? Let’s put things into perspective. They broke up just after his 21st birthday. And not to excuse immaturity due to young age, but 21 year olds aren’t exactly known for being models of maturity.

And what exactly did he do? Say he had sex with Britney Spears? Not lecture people for asking him if he had sex with her in somewhat crude terms? Okay.

And then he made a couple of songs about her cheating on him. Again, and okay? He’s a musician. Musicians write about life experiences a lot of the times. He’s hardly the only one to do so, and the songs aren’t crass or abusive towards her. They were nothing special.

Plus, take into account that she did apparently cheat on him, which makes it not surprising that he was hurt and angry. Was it the most mature thing to do? Of course not, but this is hardly unique. Taylor Swift makes songs about her former boyfriends and people celebrate her. Beyoncé makes a song about her husband cheating and people celebrate her braveness. I really don’t see how this is different.

I can’t imagine being famous, especially when you’re still in your twenties. All of us have done so many immature things that we wish we could take back from that time of our lives, but we have the privilege of not having those mistakes recorded forever. I’m sure, like the rest of us, there are aspects of how he acted when he was in his early and mid twenties that he wishes he could take back. Even if it would have been saying “hey, please speak about my ex, who cheated on me and who I am not on good terms with, more respectfully.”

And then throwing in Janet Jackson again? It was apparently a stunt planned in part by Janet Jackson, but they were just supposed to end up with her bra exposed. Whether that’s true or not I know is debated. She did have a sparkly nipple pasty on underneath after all, which, to me, seems to point to that she planned for the boob to be out.

And whether there was a wardrobe malfunction or whether they got the intended result, I just don’t get why people had to be upset about it. Obviously, people made it a big deal, but what a lot to do about nothing.

For Timberlake’s part, he’s supposedly the bad guy for going along with a plan presented to him by others, including Jackson, who he had worked with before and respected? I just don’t see it. I actually think it’s pretty diminutive of women to say that Timberlake was responsible for Jackson in that instance. It isn’t really his role to say she can’t or shouldn’t have part of her costume removed to expose her bra. He could say he’s uncomfortable participating if he was. But it’s still her body and her right.

If the costume just ripped more than it was supposed to, okay, and that sucks. He’s definitely partially to blame for that and should apologize. He did apologize, even if it was one of those really poor “sorry if you were offended” apologies.

I really only see him as being truly a giant dick if (1) his interviews about Spears were actually calculated and intended to demean her person, knowing she was in a fragile mental state, following up with songs intended to break her, and (2) he intentionally ripped Jackson’s costume more than anyone else intended, including Jackson. In that case, he would be an unrepentant psychopath who gets off on mental torture who also is comfortable with sexually assaulting a woman in national TV.

And I just don’t see that. I see someone who was 21 and immature acting like an immature 21 year old, and a 23 year old caught in (at worst) a wardrobe malfunction that people overreacted about.

Again, not a Timberlake fan, but cancel culture coming after him for this seems to be a misdirection of anger.

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Please Review a Free Copy of Strictly Business

If you’re interested, please head over to BookSprout to pick up a free copy of Strictly Business: Tormenting Tom. The copy is free! All I ask is that if you enjoyed it, please leave a review at your favorite retailer (or multiple). Amazon is preferable, but you can choose another if you would like.

I’m still learning the ropes for a lot of the self-publishing game. One of my challenges has been figuring out how to get reviews on the books I’ve written and published. I tried BookSprout with On His Orders: Faithfully Unfaithful and at least got a few reviews.

The first 20 reviewers should be able to get a copy for free. Again, that link is:

A preview for Strictly Business is here:

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Does Having a Threesome With Your Partner Obligate You to Have Another?

Specifically, if you have a threesome with two women and a man (FMF), are you now obligated to have a threesome with two men and a woman (MFM)?

To me, the answer is an obvious “no,” but I’ve seen quite a few people and sites say otherwise. In order to be “equal,” you have to do both kinds of threesomes “for” your partner. I can’t find it anymore, but I remember hearing Channing Tatum talk about it years ago, saying something along the lines of, “well, yeah, a threesome with two women is great, but remember, you have to give her a threesome with two guys afterwards, so be ready for that.”

I think that view is absolutely bonkers. No wonder so many people have failed threesome attempts. If this is how you understand the dynamics of group sex to be, you really aren’t cut out for it, in my opinion. There are just so many problems with viewing sex through that kind of prism that it can be difficult to even begin addressing how wrong it is. I’ll take a crack at it, though.

First, threesomes and any other kind of swinging as a couple has to be something that both partners want to do. If one partner really doesn’t want to add a third person – even if I think they should be open to trying it out to see how fun it can be – they shouldn’t. And their partner should respect that. It doesn’t mean they can’t explore it again in the future, but you can’t get involved if one person isn’t interested.

Second, and related, is that you aren’t having a threesome “for” your partner. Your having a threesome with your partner as part of a mutual desire to have one. If a couple has an FMF threesome, it should be because both the man and the woman wanted to add another woman to the mix. Neither one should be able to say sometime in the future that their partner owes them an MFM because they did FMF “for” the other. No, you did FMF because you both wanted to. Neither of them gets to say that they had a threesome for the other because they both wanted it. Even if one of them had a greater interest in FMF than the other. And, of course, the inverse is true – just interchange FMF for MFM.

Third, if the above isn’t the case and one person was only having a threesome in order to use that as leverage over the other, that’s really shitty. I mean, really, really shitty. That’s sexual coercion and isn’t fair to your partner. If my husband had only been having MFMs with me in order to make me feel obligated to give him an FMF, I would have felt entirely violated, even if I did want to have an FMF with him.

Fourth, viewing sexual relationships and bringing extra partners into bed with you as being so tit-for-tat is an extremely and overly simplistic way to view equality. If you have FMF you have to have MFM, or vice versa, is a child-like way to think about equality in the complex relationships that adults have. It just doesn’t compare to “Well, Jane had a turn with Toy A, so now John gets a turn with Toy A” like we tell our toddlers when they argue.

But, if you want to check out some of my works where the couples are happily having threesomes and foursomes, please check out the below:


Please Review a Free Copy of On His Orders: Faithfully Unfaithful

If you’re interested, please swing on over to: to get a copy of On His Orders: Faithfully Unfaithful. The copy is free, and all I ask is that you leave a review at your favorite retailer (or multiple).

I’m still learning the ropes for a lot of the self-publishing game. One of my challenges has been figuring out how to get reviews on the books I’ve written and published, with pretty minimal success so far. To that end, I came across BookSprout and am giving that a try.

The first 20 reviewers should be able to get a copy for free. Reviews can be left at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, Apple, and Goodreads. You can leave a review at one retailer or all of them.

A preview for On His Orders is here:


Why Do Women Enjoy Hotwifing and Cuckolding?

I wrote about the various reasons why men enjoy cuckolding earlier, which you can find here: Why Do Men Enjoy Cuckolding?

It occurred to me, though, that a second post on this topic was needed and that I just hadn’t written it yet. I guess I assumed that the benefits for women were just so obvious that they didn’t need to be explored? I don’t know why it’s taken this long. I think there are some obvious perks, even if the topic is still pretty complicated.

I think women are nearly as likely to wonder if there is something wrong with them for wanting to be a hotwife as men are for wanting a hotwife. And there are many reasons for that. Namely, I think most societies have stigmatized women being sexual, making MFMs or women having two or more simultaneous or consecutive partners as being too “whorish” and something to be ashamed of. See some of my thoughts on that here: Stigma of MFMs.

Regardless, I don’t think any woman is weird for wanting multiple men. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. There are many perfectly normal and healthy reasons for being turned on by and wanting to practice cuckolding or being a hotwife.

*A note before I go on: I’m going to use cuckolding and hotwifing together here, even though porn has bastardized the term cuckolding so that it invokes images of women mocking their husbands as pathetic, small-dicked and utterly incapable of pleasing them, and therefore, undeserving of affection. However, I’m using cuckolding in the traditional sense, which doesn’t necessarily include any level of degradation, contrived or otherwise. It’s just the practice of a woman sleeping with another man with the approval of her husband. But there are multiple ways to do it.

Below is a completely non-exhaustive list of reasons why some men want to be cuckolded. Although first, please be sure to check out some of my works about hotwifing and cuckolding:

Now, for the benefits:


I’ll start with what seems to be the most obvious: sexual fulfillment. Having sex with more than one guy can be very satisfying and is one of the biggest perks of single life. Hotwives don’t have to give up this perk and can still sleep with more than one guy.

Not only that, but they can sleep with guys who have better bodies than their normal partner and who are fantastic in bed. Nothing is universal, but it seems that most guys who share in this turn on want to see their wife/girlfriend have great sex with a hot guy – not mediocre or bad sex with a guy that can’t keep up with him.

To me, it’s tough to complain about this perk. It’s having your cake and eating it, too, only instead of having cake, it’s great sex with multiple guys while your husband cheers you on.

Plus, different guys have different moves. Even if you’re having great sex with your partner, someone else may provide some much-appreciate variety.


This is closely related to the above, but being a hotwife brings with it new opportunities for sexual play. Threesomes or foursomes (all men, obviously) are a different experience from merely having sex with one man. With four hands, two mouths, and two… wangs, there’s more that can be done to a woman that one man just isn’t capable of.

And many women have the unfortunate experience of sex not lasting nearly long enough. Try as they might, some men just can’t hold off long enough to get the job done. At least not as thoroughly as their partner would prefer. But when you have a bull and a man waiting at home, it’s a very effective way to extend sex until you get everything you need.


I don’t think it’s a shock to hear that exhibitionism is one of the most common fantasies for women. Being watched is sexy and it can be very sexy to have a significant other watch us in our most exposed. Even if the husband or boyfriend isn’t watching or participating, detailing what you did can be quite exciting, especially when you see him get excited to hear the details.


I’ve written about it elsewhere, but MFMs and hotwifing really isn’t about a power imbalance between husband and wife and the decision to enter into this type of play is mutual when it is done correctly.

But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t feel empowering for a woman to have two men want her so much that they’re willing to share her. It can be extremely erotic to have two men who think you’re so sexy that they don’t mind that you are with other guys.

I mean, if we’re being honest, it feels nice to be desired, even if we don’t have any interest in the guys desiring us. We still feel more confident, beautiful, and desired.


There’s no reason to think that only men get turned on by doing something taboo. Societal norms and expectations demand that people act in a certain way. But for many people, it’s a lot of fun to break those norms. It feels “wrong” and “dirty,” even though your partner is right there, either cheering you on from home or from right next to you. Even though it’s much more common than most people realize, hotwifing is still seen as very taboo in most circles.


Having a hotwife is possibly the biggest male fantasy, aside from FMF threesomes (which you can hardly count since every man wants that, generally speaking). Satisfying your partner’s needs and wants can be a very enjoyable experience.


The “D” and the “S” in BDSM. Many women get off on dominating or humiliating their partner (consensually, of course). Hotwifing creates a new type of opportunity within this realm. Even though your partner wants you to sleep with other men, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate role play into the activity and portray it as though you are truly dominating him and making him feel inadequate.

There’s something inherently powerful about being able to look at your partner while another man makes you orgasm.


Perhaps this isn’t something that is necessarily “caused” by hotwifing, but couples who hotwife tend to have a higher level of trust and better communication. One could make the argument that those who engage in the practice successfully already had a high level of trust and communication, but I think that there are at least as many that sat down and had a much more open and honest conversation about what they wanted. Once you start talking about the real possibility of a woman in an otherwise committed relationship having sex with other guys or having MFM threesomes, you really open the door to vibrant communication.


Many couples report that they feel more connected to their partner than ever after hotwifing. It’s a vulnerable experience in many ways and is something that the two of you have shared. Many people report that hotwifing can create a new spark in a relationship and can bring back those exciting feelings we all had when the relationship was brand new.

It can also be very intimate to engage in the buildup process prior to a date. The hotwife preparation, choosing clothes, deciding how the date will (hopefully) play out – all provide changes for an intimate sort of bonding that can be difficult to recreate elsewhere.

Plus, many couples report that the reclamation sex afterwards is extremely bonding and provides reassurance that the relationship is far stronger than any orgasm with someone else.


Hotwifing, of course, is not for everyone. But it seems that if you have a willing male partner, I don’t know why most women wouldn’t at least give it a try. There are many benefits and can combine the best of single life with the best of being in a relationship. I think it’s amazing to be able to have the sexual variety that I had before I met my husband, while also knowing that he’s supporting me 100% and is still there for me.

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Strictly Business: Tormenting Tom now available

Strictly Business: Tormenting Tom is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and Smashwords distributors (Apple, Kobo/Walmart, others). It took longer than I hoped it would to get this out – it always seems to – but if you have a preferred e-reader, chances are, Strictly Business is there. A preview is available here.

This book pulled me a little farther away from my normal style and brought me into BDSM and female domination. The timing just seemed right to get into this genre. 2020 was a doozy of a year for my family, particularly, and writing about femdom was a nice outlet. It also aligns with my husband and I exploring domination, humiliation, and BDSM. I’m finding that femdom can be quite enjoyable for us, even if we never quite get as extreme as the characters in Strictly Business.

Regardless, I enjoyed writing it. It made me feel dirty in a new kind of way and I kept picturing that scene in Black Swan.

I hope you enjoy, and please remember to leave a review at your favorite retailer!


Preview for Strictly Business: Tormenting Tom

My latest work is now available for purchase on Amazon and on Smashwords. It will also be available on Barnes & Noble and Smashwords partners shortly if you prefer those retailers.

Strictly Business is my first BDSM/Femdom work and was a lot of fun to write – I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. A preview is below.


I sit down, harder, my thighs pressing into the heels of the pumps I didn’t trouble myself to take off. Why bother? I need them for when I walk all over his body, digging the points into the many soft parts of his flesh. If he were allowed to speak, I would force him to thank me for my cruelty in between his cries of pain.

I’m sitting with such force that my tailbone is crushing the bridge of his nose through his blindfold hard enough that it hurts even me. My knees hurt as well, and I kick myself for forgetting my kneepads. I could have tied Tom to the soft bed for my sake, instead, but he deserved the hard, wooden desk that sat in the corner of every suite in the hotel. He would suffer no less for my mistake.

When I turn my head back and look down on him, his pale, blotchy skin sticks out sharply next to the darkly tanned hue of my own. The tape on his mouth hasn’t budged and he’s struggling for air, the pink in his face getting progressively darker by the second. The thin strap of fabric that’s hidden deeply in the crevasse of my ass is pressed into his nose, cutting off the only air supply I allowed him after taping his mouth shut.

The only movement I make is with my hips, slowly grinding them in a circle as I squeeze myself down onto him harder and harder, watching as his face and neck turn from pink to red and from red to maroon, his struggles against his restraints and muffled yells becoming more intense as the seconds tick past.

His struggles are entirely hopeless, and the sound of his cries make me look up and laugh. Normal people would be horrified, but I can’t help it. I hate him so much. If only he knew I would torture him for free, I wouldn’t have eight crisp one-hundred-dollar bills from him tucked safely away in my play bag. He’s so stupid that even after all our sessions, he still thinks I’m just a good actress.

As his cries reach a panicked tenor, I know he’s squirmed enough and lift my ass just high enough to hear him hungrily suck fresh oxygen in through his nose. I watch him for several moments, thoroughly repulsed by everything about him, already itching for my chance to sit again. He can pretend to hate this, but we both knew moments like this made him jerk off for weeks.

His breathing is still rapid, but the color in his face had returned to normal, and I sit down once more. His immediate howl sounded frightened, pathetic within seconds. This will be the last night I ever see him, his money being the only thing I’ll truly miss.


My cuckold finally came

I made him wait until December 2nd, though. Fitting, since I made him start No Nut November a day early, too.

He liked the extra torture, though, and he really earned that orgasm. No cumming since October 30 – he could barely fuck me for the last week. 60 seconds and he was ready to lose it. Good thing he’s good with his tongue.

Still, I had to punish him a little bit for not being able to hold off long enough to get me off without resorting to oral and toys. I made him sleep with his face in between my ass cheeks two nights in a row at the end. He told me I farted in my sleep while he was pressed into me a few times, but he still listened and stayed down there.

Like I said – he earned that orgasm.

Anyway, this new kind of play had me working on a new femdom book. I’m still editing, but I hope to have it out this month.

But if you think that dominating your man and making him go through No Nut November sounds like fun, please be sure to check out Strictly Business: Tormenting Tom, which is my first BDSM/femdom work.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is tpd2.jpg
Strictly Business: Tormenting Tom. Previews and additional links can be found here: All My Works

Or if women having more than one is more your style, please check out my books featuring swingers:


No Nut November Still Going Strong

We made it through the weekend and my husband is still going strong. I figure that weekends are going to be the toughest for him since I have a better chance to tease an orgasm out of him. I got him hard on Friday and acted like I was going to give him a blowjob, but really, I just pretended to sing into his dick like it was a microphone, kinda like the cat with the banana above. I got naked and he massaged me, but neither one of us got off. 

Saturday, I starting blowing him randomly in the morning just to get him close. If I’m going to make him lose it in his sleep, I figure I need to edge him a couple times a day on some of these days. He still held out, and I could see his frustration. After a few too many drinks, he went down on me until I came in the evening.  I returned nothing, but he was still hard as a rock the whole time. I still don’t know what makes it harder for him – when I blow him for a little bit after he gets me off, or when I refuse to touch him at all.

Last night involved the most, though. We switched things up a little and he was the dominant one. I found myself face down and blindfolded with my hands and ankles cuffed together, a strap going from each limb down and around the legs of our bed frame. He alternated massages with oral and rimming with spanks, tickling, and whips – we have a whip that provides more bark than bite, but I can attest, it’s fun to make that thing crack. 

He’s still submissive to me, though, which is how we both like it. Even with me blindfolded and strapped to the bed face down, he did a lot more pleasing of me than he did mild torturing. It didn’t take long for him to start eating candy (literal candy – M&Ms) from my ass. He ended up putting a butt plug in me and fucking me while I was still strapped down, taking breaks to give me a few more cracks with the whip and eat me out (even though we both know it was so he could keep from cumming). I queefed on him every time he went down on me. 

He left the butt plug in me and used a vibrator, plus a clit toy to get me off. The orgasm was mediocre, but it was better than holding out for a month. I still don’t think my husband is going to make it. He already said his balls feel backed up, heavy. They’ll be like a hoppity-hop by month’s end.

If all goes well, my husband will resemble Randy Marsh by December 1.

Plus, it was nice to switch things up a bit. Being tied down and having things done to me without my input was a good change. We both still like it better when I’m in charge, though. I can make him hard by flirting with other guys or queefing in his face and I’m pretty sure I could do the same if I farted while he had his face in my ass. Maybe I’ll tie him down before the month is over, sit on his face, and let one fly to see if he’s horny enough for that to get him hard.  

Anyway, I don’t know what the rest of the month has in store, but I know things won’t get easier for him. 

But if you think that dominating your man and making him go through No Nut November sounds like fun, please be sure to check out Strictly Business: Tormenting Tom, which is my first BDSM/femdom work.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is tpd2.jpg
Strictly Business: Tormenting Tom. Previews and additional links can be found here: All My Works

Or if you prefer stories where the women have more than one man, you might be interested in some of my other works:

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All My Works

 I’ll do my best to update this page when I put out new publications. **And as a side note, I’ve been having ongoing issues with B&N displaying all book information correctly lately. On His Orders switches between the first and second in the series and the paperback price doesn’t always match what I’ve input (B&N makes it more expensive than what I’ve listed).

Hooky: One Act of Defiance Can Set Her Free is available on Amazon in e-book and paperback format, as well as in paperback and e-book on Barnes & Noble. For reasons unknown to me, the price listed on Barnes & Noble’s website doesn’t match what I’ve set it at, so you’d be better off picking it up at Amazon. I’m trying to resolve with B&N.

It is also available in e-book format on SmashwordsAppleKobo, and Scribd.

A preview is available here.

On His Orders: Faithfully Unfaithful is available on Amazon in e-book and paperback formats. It’s also available on Barnes & Noble in e-book and paperback formats as well.

It is also available in e-book format on SmashwordsAppleKobo, and Scribd.

A preview is available here.

On His Orders: Entertaining Three is available on Amazon  and Barnes & Noble in e-book and paperback formats, as well as in e-book format at Smashwords.

It is also available in e-book format on Apple, Kobo, and Scribd.

A preview is available here.

Strictly Business: Tormenting Tom is available on in e-book and paperback formats on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as in e-book format at Smashwords.

It is also available in e-book format on Apple, Kobo, and Scribd. **Update** Strictly Business is now only available in e-book format on Amazon and is enrolled in the KDP Select Program. I may add it back to other retailers at a later point, but for now, it is exclusive to Amazon.

A preview is available here.