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Strictly Business: Tormenting Tom now available

Strictly Business: Tormenting Tom is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and Smashwords distributors (Apple, Kobo/Walmart, others). It took longer than I hoped it would to get this out – it always seems to – but if you have a preferred e-reader, chances are, Strictly Business is there. A preview is available here.

This book pulled me a little farther away from my normal style and brought me into BDSM and female domination. The timing just seemed right to get into this genre. 2020 was a doozy of a year for my family, particularly, and writing about femdom was a nice outlet. It also aligns with my husband and I exploring domination, humiliation, and BDSM. I’m finding that femdom can be quite enjoyable for us, even if we never quite get as extreme as the characters in Strictly Business.

Regardless, I enjoyed writing it. It made me feel dirty in a new kind of way and I kept picturing that scene in Black Swan.

I hope you enjoy, and please remember to leave a review at your favorite retailer!


Preview for Strictly Business: Tormenting Tom

My latest work is now available for purchase on Amazon and on Smashwords. It will also be available on Barnes & Noble and Smashwords partners shortly if you prefer those retailers.

Strictly Business is my first BDSM/Femdom work and was a lot of fun to write – I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. A preview is below.


I sit down, harder, my thighs pressing into the heels of the pumps I didn’t trouble myself to take off. Why bother? I need them for when I walk all over his body, digging the points into the many soft parts of his flesh. If he were allowed to speak, I would force him to thank me for my cruelty in between his cries of pain.

I’m sitting with such force that my tailbone is crushing the bridge of his nose through his blindfold hard enough that it hurts even me. My knees hurt as well, and I kick myself for forgetting my kneepads. I could have tied Tom to the soft bed for my sake, instead, but he deserved the hard, wooden desk that sat in the corner of every suite in the hotel. He would suffer no less for my mistake.

When I turn my head back and look down on him, his pale, blotchy skin sticks out sharply next to the darkly tanned hue of my own. The tape on his mouth hasn’t budged and he’s struggling for air, the pink in his face getting progressively darker by the second. The thin strap of fabric that’s hidden deeply in the crevasse of my ass is pressed into his nose, cutting off the only air supply I allowed him after taping his mouth shut.

The only movement I make is with my hips, slowly grinding them in a circle as I squeeze myself down onto him harder and harder, watching as his face and neck turn from pink to red and from red to maroon, his struggles against his restraints and muffled yells becoming more intense as the seconds tick past.

His struggles are entirely hopeless, and the sound of his cries make me look up and laugh. Normal people would be horrified, but I can’t help it. I hate him so much. If only he knew I would torture him for free, I wouldn’t have eight crisp one-hundred-dollar bills from him tucked safely away in my play bag. He’s so stupid that even after all our sessions, he still thinks I’m just a good actress.

As his cries reach a panicked tenor, I know he’s squirmed enough and lift my ass just high enough to hear him hungrily suck fresh oxygen in through his nose. I watch him for several moments, thoroughly repulsed by everything about him, already itching for my chance to sit again. He can pretend to hate this, but we both knew moments like this made him jerk off for weeks.

His breathing is still rapid, but the color in his face had returned to normal, and I sit down once more. His immediate howl sounded frightened, pathetic within seconds. This will be the last night I ever see him, his money being the only thing I’ll truly miss.


My cuckold finally came

I made him wait until December 2nd, though. Fitting, since I made him start No Nut November a day early, too.

He liked the extra torture, though, and he really earned that orgasm. No cumming since October 30 – he could barely fuck me for the last week. 60 seconds and he was ready to lose it. Good thing he’s good with his tongue.

Still, I had to punish him a little bit for not being able to hold off long enough to get me off without resorting to oral and toys. I made him sleep with his face in between my ass cheeks two nights in a row at the end. He told me I farted in my sleep while he was pressed into me a few times, but he still listened and stayed down there.

Like I said – he earned that orgasm.

Anyway, this new kind of play had me working on a new femdom book. I’m still editing, but I hope to have it out this month.


No Nut November Still Going Strong

We made it through the weekend and my husband is still going strong. I figure that weekends are going to be the toughest for him since I have a better chance to tease an orgasm out of him. I got him hard on Friday and acted like I was going to give him a blowjob, but really, I just pretended to sing into his dick like it was a microphone, kinda like the cat with the banana above. I got naked and he massaged me, but neither one of us got off. 

Saturday, I starting blowing him randomly in the morning just to get him close. If I’m going to make him lose it in his sleep, I figure I need to edge him a couple times a day on some of these days. He still held out, and I could see his frustration. After a few too many drinks, he went down on me until I came in the evening.  I returned nothing, but he was still hard as a rock the whole time. I still don’t know what makes it harder for him – when I blow him for a little bit after he gets me off, or when I refuse to touch him at all.

Last night involved the most, though. We switched things up a little and he was the dominant one. I found myself face down and blindfolded with my hands and ankles cuffed together, a strap going from each limb down and around the legs of our bed frame. He alternated massages with oral and rimming with spanks, tickling, and whips – we have a whip that provides more bark than bite, but I can attest, it’s fun to make that thing crack. 

He’s still submissive to me, though, which is how we both like it. Even with me blindfolded and strapped to the bed face down, he did a lot more pleasing of me than he did mild torturing. It didn’t take long for him to start eating candy (literal candy – M&Ms) from my ass. He ended up putting a butt plug in me and fucking me while I was still strapped down, taking breaks to give me a few more cracks with the whip and eat me out (even though we both know it was so he could keep from cumming). I queefed on him every time he went down on me. 

He left the butt plug in me and used a vibrator, plus a clit toy to get me off. The orgasm was mediocre, but it was better than holding out for a month. I still don’t think my husband is going to make it. He already said his balls feel backed up, heavy. They’ll be like a hoppity-hop by month’s end.

If all goes well, my husband will resemble Randy Marsh by December 1.

Plus, it was nice to switch things up a bit. Being tied down and having things done to me without my input was a good change. We both still like it better when I’m in charge, though. I can make him hard by flirting with other guys or queefing in his face and I’m pretty sure I could do the same if I farted while he had his face in my ass. Maybe I’ll tie him down before the month is over, sit on his face, and let one fly to see if he’s horny enough for that to get him hard.  

Anyway, I don’t know what the rest of the month has in store, but I know things won’t get easier for him. 

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All My Works

 I’ll do my best to update this page when I put out new publications. 

Hooky: One Act of Defiance Can Set Her Free is available on Amazon in e-book and paperback format, as well as in paperback and e-book on Barnes & Noble

It is also available in e-book format on SmashwordsAppleKobo, and Scribd.

A preview is available here.

On His Orders: Faithfully Unfaithful is available on Amazon in e-book and paperback formats, as well as in paperback and e-book on Barnes & Noble

It is also available in e-book format on SmashwordsAppleKobo, and Scribd.

A preview is available here.

On His Orders: Entertaining Three is available on Amazon in e-book and paperback formats, as well as  Barnes & Noble and Smashwords and Smashwords’ partners.

A preview is available here.

Strictly Business: Tormenting Tom is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords and its partners.

A preview is available here.


Preview: On His Orders

A preview for my second publication, On His Orders: Faithfully Unfaithful, is below.It is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Come over after class today.” His text was the first thing I saw when I woke up that morning. “I promised I’d deliver. I have your first duty as a slutwife.


“Are you ready for your first instruction?” he asked me.

It finally felt completely real. My heart raced, beating as though it were up in my throat once more. I knew I was nervous, but I was more excited than anything. It was an absolute dream to have a sexy boyfriend who wanted his hobby to be finding me sexy men to fuck in front of him. I licked my lips to respond but found words to be elusive and merely nodded my head instead.

“Good,” he said. “Get naked.” 

I paused briefly and my heart seemed to beat even harder. I’m not a natural exhibitionist and no guy had ever seen me naked before seeing me with clothes on. “Seriously?” I asked.

“Yes. And quickly!” He managed to both scowl and smirk at the same time at my disobedience.

“Are you sure you’re into this? If you’re going to do what you’re told, you don’t have much time,” he told me after watching my initial hesitation.

knew I was into this and wanted to do it right. Without thinking any more, I peeled my tank top over my head and unhooked my bra. I slid both my sweatpants and panties off at the same time in one swift motion, completing the transition from fully clothed to completely naked in less than ten seconds. I had been naked in his living room many times, but as I waited for the arrival of a complete stranger, I had never felt so exposed. 

“Good girl. You do want that second dick,” he said. 

He was right. I hadn’t fucked another guy since meeting my boyfriend five months ago and I had been going stir-crazy over it for several weeks already.

“We’re going to stay in the living room today. Put your clothes in your backpack and then put your backpack in the bedroom closet. Close all the doors on your way back – I want you as far away from your clothes as possible.”

I didn’t hesitate this time and it felt astonishingly freeing. I hurriedly stuffed my clothes tightly into my bag and zipped it shut before bringing it down the hall and into his bedroom. The closet door was waiting open for me and I wasted no time in shutting my bag inside. I shut his bedroom door behind me and got back to the living room as quickly as I could. I practically ran on my way to and back from his bedroom, his earlier admonishment that I didn’t have much time ringing in my ears the entire way. 

I stood next to my boyfriend and eagerly waited in silence. We were both so still and quiet that I imagined I could hear my heartbeat, the sound of its rhythmic pounding punctuated over the sound of my nervous breathing. But it only took a few seconds before I heard a light knocking at the front door. I didn’t even see my boyfriend buzz our guest into the building. 

The sound of Josh’s knuckles connecting with the only thing separating my naked body from the eyes and hands of a complete stranger echoed around in my head as if it were trapped there, increasing in volume and intensity every time it seemed to rattle back through the silence of my thoughts. His knocking was my first concrete indication that Josh was real. Until then, becoming a slutwife was little more than a fun fantasy.

I looked to my boyfriend, who merely nodded in my direction before looking towards the door. He didn’t speak, but we both knew what I was expected to do.

My heart was still beating as hard as ever, though now it was due at least as much to nerves as to excitement. I walked very carefully to the front door, stepping lightly as though afraid to make any noise. The room felt like it was beginning to spin, and I moved slowly, like I was trying to walk under water. When I finally reached the front door, I paused and took a deep breath, knowing that fantasy would be replaced by reality the second I opened the door. 

As I reached for the handle, my boyfriend’s voice called out, quietly giving me one further instruction. 

“Pull the door all the way open. Don’t just open it up a crack.”

I looked down at my naked body, in awe of what I was about to do. I had woken up that day thinking it was going to be a regular day just like any other. It was astounding how quickly things had changed. 

I knew I couldn’t wait for long before opening the door, though. If I did, I was afraid I would lose my nerve entirely. Taking one more quick, deep breath, I steadied myself and turned the door handle before pulling the door all the way open.


Art or Porn

Pornography can be subjected to different interpretations, but I’ve always generally considered works of art, particularly those with any kind of cultural significance, to just be art.

Not so on WordPress, I guess.

Rest assured, the two statue figures on the ends are wearing underwear and merely shaking hands while a third practices limbo skills in between them.

Unfortunately, I had to simply remove an image of ancient stone carvings found on a temple because the picture had a no derivatives license.

Oh well. It is what it is, I guess, but I’m still shocked that ancient stone carvings on ruins/temples are somehow over the line here.

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Where to Advertise?

And find pictures for cover images for books? For free or cheap, that is. Obviously, if you are willing to pay good money, you have more options. Of course I understand that the more you put into something, the larger the potential return, but I’m really looking to not spend money unless I know writing will take off in any meaningful way.

I haven’t figured out the whole advertising thing quite yet and finding usable images is still somewhat of a challenge. I guess my bigger concern is figuring out where/how to advertise. DeviantArt didn’t pan out. Various other book promotion sites and tools have resulted in minimal additional traffic. I don’t see how Instagram is all that usable when the medium is writing. I’ve thought about Twitter, but I’m not familiar with it at all and it makes the least amount of sense to me when I try to navigate it. I suppose I could always learn if that’s the best place to be

Anyway, this is all new to me still and I’m struggling a little, so I figure it can’t hurt to at least ask the WordPress universe.


Love to be Naked

I suppose that probably makes me an exhibitionist.

Well, I take that back. I’m definitely an exhibitionist. If it were more socially acceptable, I would love to work as a stripper once in a while. Even with the stories about how shitty strippers can be treated even at the nicer clubs, it still has always sounded appealing. If I didn’t need to maintain anonymity due to working a professional job, I would love to at least post naked pictures of myself online again.

Oh well. One of the trade-offs, I suppose. I just wish that I could pose naked in public like this without consequence.

It’s a thrill for me to even picture doing what she’s doing.

But still, my husband is off from work today and decided to bring the kids out of town to the grandparents. So, naturally, with the temps hovering around 90 degrees and our yard being semi-private, I just came in from a round of nude sunbathing. Sure, I was in plain sight of the neighbors during the daylight, but positioning myself behind one side of the deck and using the kids’ trampoline to block another side, I kept myself mostly secluded. Not entirely, but mostly.

I’ve just always enjoyed being naked. When I was growing up, I used to go outside in the nude when my parents were gone, just because I could and because I liked how the outside air felt on my skin. If there were a nude beach in the area, you can believe that I would be right there next to this woman every chance I had.

My husband is less of an exhibitionist than I am, but he agreed with me – he would love to be next to this woman at the nude beach every chance he got.

I didn’t want people to see me at first. At least, I don’t think that I did. I just enjoyed how it felt to be outside in the nude. The cool air of the late evening after the sun had gone down and the hot midday sun both felt equally nice. It was a small town and we were fairly secluded then, too, but it still wasn’t without risk. That little bit of risk made it that much more exciting.

One day during the summer, I was at the house by myself and I had already spent some time outside naked. I usually didn’t last very long because the fear of getting caught always chased me back inside or my clothes back on, and this day had been no different. After going through the highs of stripping down outdoors enough times, I gave up on the nudity and elected to tan in my backyard instead.

I don’t know how long I had been tanning when I figured out I was being watched. My next door neighboor was the same age as me and he had two friends over. Even being in a small town and even being next door to him, I really didn’t know him very well. I didn’t actively dislike him or anything, but we were never going to be great friends and I was indifferent to him, at best.

Still, knowing they were peeping on me was exciting. Up until then, I had never considered intentionally exposing myself to anyone when I went outside naked. I’ve never wanted to actually be naked for anyone that didn’t want to see me naked. But in my mind, no one had ever wanted to see me naked, so every time I went out by myself, I always had how to avoid being detected/caught at the forefront of my mind.

This is when it shifted for me. It went from simply enjoying how it feels to be naked to being turned on by others seeing me.

I don’t know what I would have done had they walked around the row of bushes separating my yard from his. I never really thought through it. I just untied my top and set it next to me, laying on my stomach and working up the courage to be more daring.

Once my heartbeat slowed down, I knew that I hadn’t shown them anything. It was just my bare back, which I didn’t feel was all that exciting. So, I pushed myself up and turned my chest towards the bushes, where I could hear them moving around a little bit and see their figures through the leaves. I pretended that I was brushing my stomach off, just a pretense to show them my boobs.

I stayed like that for a while and propped myself up on my side and kept my eyes closed. I didn’t want them to know that I knew they were watching, and I was pretty confident that I could keep my peeping more secret than they kept theirs.

Again, once my heartbeat slowed down, I was ready to go a little bit further. I could still see them crouched together and watching me, so I laid back down on my stomach and reached for my bikini bottoms. I ran my fingers around the waistband several times, pulling them down just a little bit with each pass. I could hear them laughing a little bit and quickly pulled the bottoms the rest of the way down and off. I stayed on my stomach, leaving my bare ass facing up and into the sun and in plain sight of those three.

I eventually changed positions again, going up to my knees and facing away from the peeping bushes. I laid back down on my back, stretching my arms above my head and keeping my eyes firmly closed, yet still knowing they were able to see all of me.

When I was done, I made sure they got all of the views they were hoping for. I sat up and got onto my knees, facing towards the bushes and still completely naked. I reached up and took the hair tie out, shaking out my hair to unnecessarily and slowly redo my ponytail. When that was done, I turned around so my back was to the bushes and bent over, collecting my lotion, towel, and bikini while on my hands and knees. I slipped my top back on before standing and sliding my bottoms back on. I casually walked back to my house, not looking back or acknowledging the guys in any way.

I had that memory in my head when I was writing Hooky ( The main character there is able to reconnect with the exhibitionist part of her at one point, putting aside the feelings of societal restriction to take what she wants. Just in case you’re interested.

It didn’t really occur to me until I was already back in my house that guys talk, so I couldn’t really expect this to remain a private show. Shockingly, though, I never had anyone ask me about it and none of the guys directly said anything to me later, either. Their comments to me were definitely sexually charged after that and I can’t say that was the only time any of them saw me naked.

Anyway, swinging has been a great way for me to play around with my exhibitionist side and it’s been more on my mind lately because there has been no swinging due to Covid and none on the horizon yet. I’m just looking back on some fond memories and itching to make new ones. With this hot weather and less of a sexual outlet, I just keep looking outside and thinking about rekindling my exhibitionism how I used to do it.

Happy Monday, everyone.

I wish I could be her. How she manages to walk with figurative balls that big is beyond me.
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Why Do Men Enjoy Cuckolding?

It’s a question I’ve seen many times, mostly by two groups of people. The first of which is men – particularly straight men – who are trying to understand why they are turned on by the thought of their partner having sex with another man or men. A lot of the time, they seem to be worried that they aren’t “normal,” even though they can’t quite figure out what they think it is that would be wrong with them. Hint: Nothing is.

The second group is women who are shocked by their husband or boyfriend bringing this fantasy up to them. Women who bring up cuckolding or hotwifing (which has a lot of similarities to cuckolding, but generally considers a more equal power dynamic, whereas that isn’t always the case with cuckolding. I could split more hairs here, but won’t.) first to their partner don’t have that same type of surprise. The women who question why men enjoy being cuckolded usually struggle with understanding why a man wants to be (in their view) cheated on, particularly when they don’t see what the men get in return. Almost always, however, it is the man who wants to be cucked that brings it up first.

I think it’s a very complicated and complex question that has many different answers. It’s one of the most common fantasies amongst both men and women and has been steadily gaining in popularity for years, despite being something that flies in the face of what societal norms dictate relationships should look like. Societal norms say that monogamy is the accepted standard. Men need to be “real men” who take “what’s theirs,” not weak and ineffectual men that can’t keep women from falling into the arms of other men. Men are supposed to be intensely jealous if their partner even looks towards another man and women are somehow devalued if they would even think about having more than one sexual partner. They should be ridiculed as a whore, slut, tramp, or whatever other derogatory term for a woman comes to mind. Nevermind that the appeal for women is simple here: women enjoy sex just as much as men. No one questions why men would want to sleep with two women; there’s similarly no real reason to question why women would want to sleep with two men. 

Honestly, I could explore the question of why men want to be cuckolded and the many different avenues it goes down for hours and hours. I won’t, because this is just a blog post. At least, I won’t go on about this for hours and hours in this singular blog post. I think the topic is fascinating and I’m sure I’ll revisit it many more times.

I’ll pull myself back on point before I start taking myself off on other tangents. Here is a completely non-exhaustive list of reasons why some men want to be cuckolded.


Yes, men like porn. Yes, yours too. No, your husband/boyfriend doesn’t really think that strippers are gross. He might think that the environment that exists at a strip club is gross, but he doesn’t seriously think that being surrounded by attractive women that get completely naked for his enjoyment (and money, of course) is gross.

Your partner also really enjoys seeing you naked. If he doesn’t, there are other problems in the relationship. Being cuckolded gives a man the opportunity to not only witness live porn, but to see the partner he loves be that fantasy pornstar. For a lot of men this is a live show that’s better than any scene on a computer screen or any 20-year-old spinning around on a pole.


Any woman who has had a guy ask her to tell him about previous sex while they were having sex may relate here.

Some men may not want to watch you with other men, at least not every time. Some would rather get off on hearing about the sexual encounter later. If they’re hearing you describe it, rather than watching everything unfold, they’re able to craft a picture of what happened in their mind. For some, this can be better than watching because the scene and imagery they create plays out more perfectly than reality. I, for one, have had some pretty disappointing sex without my husband present, but it didn’t diminish things for him much, if at all. He was still able to create an image of me and the other guys romping through the bedroom like a couple of sexual Adonis’.

Still others just want to know that their partner had sex with another guy, but don’t want all the details. The suspense of not knowing exactly what happened enhances things for them and still allows them to create the entire image. I had sex with a guy once and only showed my husband that there was a used condom in the trash. The only other thing I said about it was that I had fun night. It drove him wild!


I’ve brought this one up before and the initial reaction from a lot of people is one of confusion. However, I think this is a very real reason for a lot of men to want to be cucked, particularly as the relationship grows and gets older. It certainly applies to my husband.

At the beginning, a lot of relationships are about that spark and sexual chemistry. You’re in the honeymoon phase and sex is right at the forefront of nearly everything you do together. Even when you’re out and about doing purely non-sexual things, at the back of both of your minds is the desire to get naked together again.

And that starts to fade over time. You don’t love each other any less, but your roles within each other’s lives expand. She becomes someone you bring to family events. You discuss finances and other long-term plans. She becomes a wife and a mother, a career-focused woman, or any other number of things that intelligent and highly complex people are apt to do. And her existence as a sexual person is still there, but it’s taken a less prominent role.

But in cuckolding, you’re reconnecting to that purely carnal part of both of you and you get to see her in a light that’s nothing but sexual. All of the outside noise and distractions can take a back seat, because while you cuckold, everything is about pleasure. With everything else she is, while watching her orgasm on top of another guy, she is only a sexual person.

Not that you have to wait a long time and have your relationship develop over the course of years for this to apply. Even when you’re in a pretty new relationship, cuckolding places her in a position of being seen in purely sexual terms, which, for a lot of people, is incredibly exciting in any context. 


As noted above, societal norms and expectations demand that people act in a certain way. But for a lot of people, it’s a lot of fun to break those norms. They don’t want to feel constrained by these expectations and feel excited by doing something they “aren’t supposed to do.”

It can be a little exciting to do something that is supposed to be wrong and dirty. At least this kind of wrong and dirty is done with the full knowledge and approval of your partner, yet still wrong and dirty enough that you probably won’t tell your neighbors that you fucked your bull while your husband waited patiently for his turn.


Very closely related to the above, the role reversal can be a lot of fun. Men are supposed to be the ones that desire multiple sexual partners, not women. It’s sort of like the male CEO of a company wanting to have a dominatrix control him all evening. The quiet, polite librarian that wants to whip her partner before having loud, headboard-banging sex.

This embrace of female empowerment and male submission can be exciting for a lot of men.


Compersion is a real thing and occurs where someone experiences happiness from witnessing someone else’s enjoyment of something. More specifically, it’s a type of vicarious pleasure experienced from watching your partner have good sex with someone else. As it is put here:

“Loving someone essentially involves a desire for the beloved’s happiness. Too often, we add a rider, But only provided that I am the one to cause it!

That author goes on to point out that this can be more of an indicator of possessiveness than love.

Essentially, your partner may just enjoy seeing you cum so much that seeing you cum from someone else has a high level of appeal.


Related to compersion, many women have a significantly higher sexual capacity than their partners. They can have many, many more orgasms and don’t have nearly as lengthy refractory periods. For many, sex with a single man is never long enough and they finish an encounter wanting more.

Men who have that sort of partner may want to see her needs get fulfilled in ways that they can’t manage on their own. They also may be living vicariously through their partner and experiencing this higher level of sexual capacity that they can’t experience. I love my husband and he’s great in bed, but he couldn’t really please three women by himself at once. But he can live vicariously through me and experience that kind of sex when I’m with three guys at once.


While not universal, jealousy can be an especially potent aphrodisiac. I remember the first time I had a threesome with a guy I was dating, the first time I had sex while a boyfriend just watched, and the first threesome I had with my husband. After each one, I asked them: “Doesn’t that make you jealous?”

I couldn’t believe that seeing me with another guy didn’t make them feel like they were going to go crazy with jealousy. Do you know what all of them told me? “Yes.”

Yes, it did make them jealous. But no, it didn’t make them feel like they were going to go crazy with jealousy. At least not in a bad way. They liked feeling jealous. My husband has always put it as though jealousy from seeing me with other guys is always there, at least a little bit. But rather than making him angry and feeling like he wants to punch something, he says mixing jealousy with his horniness is like pouring gasoline on fire. It just makes him hornier and want me even more.

This article isn’t specifically about swinging or cuckolding, but it revolves around how jealousy within a relationship is a good thing. Seeing your partner with other people can make people “remember: Oh, yeah. Other people think my partner is hot. I think my partner is hot, too. I’d better start showing it.” One of the experts interviewed there noted that jealousy can cause someone to pay much more attention to their own partner.

Many people treat jealousy as being a bad thing, when really, it’s only certain reactions to jealousy that are bad. Others interviewed in the above article discussed the same concept (although again, not actual cuckolding). “[O]f course you want [my partner]. But guess what, [she’s] mine.” Cuckolding is just taking this another step. Of course you want her, sexually. But guess what, after I watch her get what we want from you, she’s still mine.


Some men want to share their partner because they’re proud to have her. Some men share pictures of their wives and girlfriends online or to their friends because they want people to see how hot she is and be envious of him. Some men want their partner to dress revealing when they go out so others can see what they don’t have.

Cuckolding takes this a little bit further. And it isn’t a case of the man being cheated on, because he isn’t. And it isn’t a matter of being too weak or too inadequate to take care of her needs (even if those things are said because of a desire to be humiliated). Rather, the cuckold is completely in control because he has the power to share “his” woman.


I know there are women who really don’t want this to be the case, even if I don’t think it should matter, but it’s also possible that the guy is exploring some bisexual tendencies or curiosity. For some guys, if they want to explore bicuriosity, fooling around with another guy may be too intimidating, but being around a naked man while he’s having sex with a woman or going down on a woman seconds after another man has been inside of her is not.


Also, the guy just might want to explore the “M” in BDSM. Some people are turned on by masochism, which would include humiliation. Creating a scene, even if entirely contrived, wherein the cuck is playing the role of the guy too pathetic to fuck his woman right and is forced to watch a bigger, better, stronger man give her what she needs can be all the humiliation he’s looking for. Playing off the societal norms and expectations above, little more is more degrading than being forced to watch your partner please and be pleased by other men.


I know there are more reasons than what’s listed above and the nuances to every situation and reason can go on and on. And obviously, every person/couple that wants to explore cuckolding has their own reasons, which can be very personal to them. But with that said, in my experience, the above list provide some of the most common reasons for guys to enjoy being cucked.

Personally, I love that cuckolding and hotwifing are becoming more and more common, so whatever your reasons are for wanting to try it, I hope you talk it through with your partner and are able to make it a reality.